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The economics of beer

One of my vices is that I drink lots of beer (I'm Scottish, you see). There are two ways I can save money in this respect. I can either drink less, or I can pay less for it.

I've been trying to drink a bit less. I do enjoy drinking, but I'm trying to stop myself from going beyond the point of being 'good drunk'. Most people will understand this. Your first few drinks make you feel good and relaxed. But then after things start to get messy!

I've also been trying to pay less for it. One technique is to do most of your drinking before you go out to pubs, etc. That way, you don't have to pay bar prices.

I also had a bit of a realisation this week. Normally when we buy beer we buy a 24-pack of Carlton Draught, which costs about $35 (Australian). There is something instinctive about buying Carlton that I'm sure is the result of advertising, etc. But I was looking at the prices and realised that another beer, Ice Beer, cost only $28 for 30 cans (each can containing the same amount of beer as a bottle of Carlton). I had tried it before and knew that it was about as nice (read unoffensive) as Carlton. So I could get 6 more cans of beer for 7 dollars less, with no real difference in taste!

Just goes to show that what I am naturally inclined to do may not always be the most sensible thing.

Speaking of Carlton Draught and their advertising, have you seen the new "Big" ad?

Pure brilliance!

Hiya, found you by way of Blog Advance and thought I'd drop in and leave a comment.

I've heard about it, haven't actually seen it yet. I liked their 'Carlton Draught - made from beer' campaign though.
I have a link directing you to the ad if you're interested in seeing it.

I've only seen it a few hundred times now.

That'd be great. I might even post it for everyone to see. Aussie humour is one of a kind!

There you go. That's the link there.

Worth the time it takes to download.

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