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Welcome to the $1,000,000 blog.

My name is Dan and I am going to raise my net worth from practically zero to one million dollars. This is where I write about how I make, save and invest my money.

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The Million Dollar Blog is no longer active. All posts about my attempt to make a million dollars will appear on my new website: dmossop.zeeblo.com. Please update your bookmarks. Thanks.

I AM a blog nerd!

Ha ha, I've just been busted.

I hadn't told any of my real-world friends about my blog as I was waiting until I fixed up the template and made it look half-decent. But yesterday I posted a comment on Jill and Rusty's blog and accidently posted it using my blogger name - giving a link to this site. Next thing I know, Mel is posting comments on my site and Jill is calling me a blog nerd!

Anyway, great to have you here guys! Also, for everyone else, check out Mel's blog. There's been a full-scale comment war going on over there.

Did you see, i got approval for my last posting..... Like i care what they think...

But anyway, i'm not going to add your blog to my list of ones i regularly check as you seem to want to keep this seperate form the "real world" so i'll leave it alone and let you make your millions. Or million
Yeah, I saw that :)

Anyway Mel, this blog is open to everyone. That includes you! I wasn't going to show it to any of you guys until I fixed up the template and made it look half-decent. I design websites after all, so what would everyone think if it looked crap! But the template's getting better now - I've still got a bit more work to do though...

I'd actually really like it if you 'real world' guys got in on the act of helping me save and slapped me whenever you saw me trying to make unnecessary purchases.

Also, I'd really like to know how you live on $40 per week! I've thought about it and can think of two main differences between us: You drink less than me, and you get free cheese off your dad. Anything else?

I've just realised that if you aren't going to check this regularly, you probably won't see this.... I'll tell you in person!
Hey, there is nothing wrong with being a blog nerd. And you will be surprised how many bloggers don't tell their real world friends what they do in their spare time (I'm not sure mine would understand- my partner sure doesn't).
I like the new look btw, well done :)


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