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My name is Dan and I am going to raise my net worth from practically zero to one million dollars. This is where I write about how I make, save and invest my money.

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Mid-week pep talk

My budget week runs from Thursday to Wednesday. Each week I've been posting a sort of mid-week pep talk. I find this helps to keep my budget on track.

I think Monday is the best time for me to post these pep talks, since we often go out on Monday nights and hence this is when my budget can take a bit of a beating.

I've done well so far this week. Of my $130 budget, I have $107 left. This is better than I've done in previous weeks. My plan is to try and make it to Wednesday with most of that intact (I do have to spend a bit on food, however). I am probably going to stay in tonight - partly because I don't really feel like going out, and partly to save money. If I can manage that then there is a good chance that I can end the week with about $100. So that's my target.


This is a fantastic week of savings.

When will you let the readers know
about your total savings+interests?

Ok, still enjoying your site, so I think it's about time I give you a money saving tip of my own...

Try not to touch your wage/weekly money until a day later every week. For example. If you get paid every Friday, open your wage on Saturday on week 1, Sunday on week 2, Monday on week 3 etc etc. Basically making each wage last 8 days rather than 7. After 7 weeks you will have saved an entire week's wages with truthfully, not a lot of effort. Obviously you need to take out rent and bill money as that is time dependant, so I mean to say make your disposable money last 8 days. Carry this on for a year and you'll have saved about 2 months worth of disposable income!

Damien (TBQ)
I wish i could stick to a budget every week. The groceries always seem to take over my shopping list. Things seem to find their way into my shopping cart for no apparent reason :)

I hope ya make it. You have a great blog and a great idea for one. :)

Good luck with your reaching your hundred dollar goal this week. Update us okay!

Dr. Fil

These are some great comments, guys. I really appreciate them. They've made me think of a whole bunch of posts, which I'm going to write now...
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