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Money saving tip - mobile phone credit

Here's a quick tip on how to save some money if you use a pay-as-you-go mobile phone.

I had a missed call on my mobile this morning, from one of my friends in Halls. Normally I'd just have called her back using my mobile, or at least sent an SMS. However, I ran out of credit a few days ago, so I couldn't. I was forced to try and call her using the internal phone network here. I had no guarantee of success, but it's free. Turns out she was in her room, so I saved a bit on credit.

That reminded me that a similar thing happened yesterday. I was having a problem connecting to a web account my boss had asked me to upload some stuff to. I instinctively reached for my mobile to call him. Then I remembered I had no credit and so I sent him an email instead. I got a quick reply from him, and saved on credit too.

Just by holding off on buying credit for a couple of days, I saved maybe 2 or 3 dollars. I think I'll continue the experiment, and put off buying credit until I really need it. Even when I do buy credit, I think I will try using my phone only when absolutely necessary. I'm sure I'll get by.

Why even have a phone? Just kidding... but yeah... i pay like $80 a month.... sheet.... then again, its not pay as ye go...

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I can see it now ... two Derek's ... one household. Parents move out ... bolt doors shut. Allow the two Derek's to 'play' while, we the parents, go to a lovely tropical isle somewhere and sip lovely cool drinks under palm trees before moving into our new mansions!

Tell ... me who would have more fun? The parents or the Derek's??
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