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Slightly late mid-week update

Last week I posted midway through my budget week, giving myself a bit of a pep talk. This helped keep me on target and avoid spending any more.

I want to do the same again this week, although I feel I may be a bit too late as the week is almost up. Still, it may help.

This week has been quite a busy one - I've had 2 drinking nights and a trip to the cinema. I managed to keep my alcohol spending down to about $11 on the nights out, so that's not too bad.

All up, I have $20 left in my budget. While this is less than I would normally like, I am not too bothered this week. The reason is that I have been stocking up on a few items that were going cheap. I saved maybe $5 by buying about $40 worth of discounted items. So not only has this saved me $5 in the long run, but it means that I am actually close to finishing the week with about $60 in cash and goods. So it's almost comparable to last week.

Only two more days to go and there is nothing definite that have to spend money on, so it's not looking too bad.

Mels mid-week budget update:

money started with: $40

Money spent: $0

I think i'm going OK
Stop it, Mel, you're making me look bad! Ha ha, just kidding. Good on you!
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