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Trying out Blog Advance

I've been using Blog Explosion for a while and have found it to be a good method of generating blog traffic. I've also found a number of interesting blogs through it.

I thought I'd take a look at some of the competing add exchange programs. One I have just started using is Blog Advance. I've been hearing good things about its support of the blogging community. As it is, it is too early for me to tell how it compares with the others.

What I do know is that they give you 50 free blog visitors when you signup. Also, at the moment they are giving away an extra 20 visits to new members who write a post about Blog Advance.

I'll post again soon and let you know how I find the service. First impressions are very good though - the quality of the blogs seems better than on some of the alternatives.

Make sure to send an e-mail to jeff@blogadvance.com with your ID # after you make the post though, as that is how we know you participated in this "closed-door" (though apparently not anymore) promo.
Oops! Gave that one away... sorry!
No prob, mate. Don't mind. We were just using it... kind of as a just joined promo... but it works however it works... nice to see you clicking everyone's sites... we only have a few hundred at this point in the game... but then again, that means you get seen regularly ;)... visit our forums... we have some great people there.
Ok, so i lied and came back... Blame jill and rusty, the link from their blog was too enticing..... I do like the money background, its nice

So living on $40 is easy, i actually only spent $30 last week as i was sans nott. It breaks down roughly to $20 food and $20 alcohol. I was meant to have $50 a week but i bought a new ball dress and had to cut back. The fact that i do get free food from home i think must play a huge roll in my budget, for example, today i got bread, onions, potatoes, capsicum, chicken sasuage rolls and pizza rolls from home. But then again, if i had to but all that stuff, it would have just been bread, potatoes and onions that i would have to buy. The other way to not spend money is just to be really cheap. No desserts, under $10 when i go out, no food on campus, no clothes, no CD's, no books, no savings (do you realise how painful this is?)... It means i have less fun but it also means that i get to live hear and not in Rowville with my sister, or worse, drop out of uni and go home. When (if) i get a job, my budget will increase, but at the mo' this is what i've got, so this is what i deal with!
Sheesh, this could almost be a blog entry in itself... but then i wouldn't be so Pretentious as to write a blog entry about money... hahahah, Ok, thats enough now.. Have fun with all your money!
Ha ha! I spend about $60-70 on food and drink. I find the rest of the money goes on random things like phone credit, printer cartridges, clothes, transport, toiletries, etc. Can you get all of that within your $40?

P.S. Can I have a sausage roll? :)
get a sugar daddy
Oh, how i would love a sugar daddy... All i have is a dad that gives me food. I have an additional $50 a month "extras" fund, in which i have already spent $21 on a CD, and will take $12.50 out of to go ice skating on friday with... Its all about setting it an uncomfy level, which this really is. Last year when i was getting centerlink, i was spending as much as you do, but i can't do that now...

How often do you write in this thing? Seriously, you post more often than i do! Have you thought about actually doing some work??


P.S. You have a new nickname (well, two actually). its Bran. An amalgamation of Brigid and Dan, along the lines of Bennifer. I like it, i may start calling you that. Be warned
Bran? That's beautiful!
Bran also makes you regular....

I thought I'd jump on the Blog Advance bandwagon and say I'm loving their services.

$20 a week on food is insane super_hot_mel.

I happen to know super_hot_mel personally and can vouch for her insanity.

P.S. I haven't got that link to work yet Deb. The firefox download bar shows that it's fully downloaded, but it won't finalise it - I'll keep trying!
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