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Welcome to the $1,000,000 blog.

My name is Dan and I am going to raise my net worth from practically zero to one million dollars. This is where I write about how I make, save and invest my money.

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The Million Dollar Blog is no longer active. All posts about my attempt to make a million dollars will appear on my new website: dmossop.zeeblo.com. Please update your bookmarks. Thanks.

Current net worth - $1025

Every two weeks I will be updating my net worth. When it hits a million, it's party time!

Two weeks ago I was on $676. If I stick to my budget my net worth will increase by about $220 per fortnight. However, I managed to come in significantly under in the last two weeks. As a result I saved an extra $129 giving me a new net worth of $1025! I am now over 1/1000th of the way there!

If I carry on at this rate I'll be a millionaire by the time I'm 80. However, I plan to accelerate the process drastically by a) getting a proper income, b) investing the money I make and c) saving even more!

i find high interest cash accounts an interesting idea (such as INGdirect and HSBC online)
At 80, you would be too old to enjoy being a millionaire.

I have a feeling that you are either a millionaire already or about to be one within months or in a couple of years.

I have a million and one opportunities to become a millionaire, but I often give all my earnings away to charities. I cannot keep money for long once some charities come up.

I am very gifted and I can even be a millionaire within months if I choose to.

I am a Christian and I have had temptations from rich men and women who wanted me to be their lover in exchange for wealth. But, I refused to be gay or to be a gigolo.

So, I have to become rich by honest means. And that is not easy.
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