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Welcome to the $1,000,000 blog.

My name is Dan and I am going to raise my net worth from practically zero to one million dollars. This is where I write about how I make, save and invest my money.

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The Million Dollar Blog is no longer active. All posts about my attempt to make a million dollars will appear on my new website: dmossop.zeeblo.com. Please update your bookmarks. Thanks.

The Million Dollar Blog is moving!

The posting may be a bit thin for the next week or two. The reason for this is that I'm moving the Million Dollar Blog to a new domain (one that runs wordpress). I'll be sticking most of my posts up there for the time being.

You can check it out at: The NEW Million Dollar Blog. Please note that it is currently undergoing construction and a) looks crap and b) doesn't work brilliantly. That will be changing soon!

Changes I'll be making to the site:

* Categories, so you can focus on the information you are actually interested in.
* More of a professional focus. It will be less about me and more about making, saving and spending a million dollars.
* Case studies of current millionaires to help the rest of us learn their secrets.

If you are currently linking to this site, please feel free to update your link as you like. I will be contacting everyone who is linking to me when the new site officially goes live (i.e. when it works). I'll be leaving this site up so that people can still access the archives if they like.

Thanks for everyone who has been visiting this site. I hope to see you all over at the new site soon!

You’re probably busy setting things up. Sorry. I thought I’d bother you to ask if you want a link exchange. I would like a link on this old site also if you want. My site is http://www.fightingdebtblog.com
good luck on your new site, it seems like everyone is jumping on the WordPress bus.
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